i am a documentary photographer from maryland, usa, and currently based in chapel hill, north carolina, usa, where i am a masters' candidate in visual journalism at the university of north carolina. 

i believe in the camera. and i believe that the documentation and sharing of individuals and communities’ lives, practices, beliefs, and experiences is fundamentally important to understanding the world around us, and that photography makes this documentation possible.

quiet moments in between, intimacies, strange observances, and subtle beauty catches my eye, and i work to represent these moments with quirky, original photographs.

i received my bachelor of arts in women's studies, spanish, and art from washington university in saint louis. i have worked with The Jerusalem Report,  the Cambodia Daily, AsiaLIFE Cambodia, the Southeast Asia Globe, and the Atlas of Cambodia, and exhibited at FotoIstanbul and the Goethe Institut in Phnom Penh. in 2016 I was a video fellow at Univision Digital News on their special features team. i am a grateful recipient of the Rich Beckman Documentary Award and the James Alan Cox Foundation's graduate student scholarship. 

i am currently available for assignments in north america. please contact me for details, with questions, or to say hi!