i am a documentary filmmaker and photographer from maryland, usa, and currently based in between phoenix, arizona, and washington, d.c. 

i believe in the camera. and i believe that the documentation and sharing of individuals and communities’ lives, practices, beliefs, and experiences is fundamentally important to understanding the world around us.

quiet moments in between, intimacies, strange observances, and subtle beauty catches my eye. i love working with individuals to tell empowering stories about women and members of the LGBT community. my work often explores the reasons and consequences of immigration, and what it means for immigrants in everyday life. i am fluent in spanish and english. i am interested in how we define and identify within or outside of communities, which often leads me to religious spaces. 

i received my bachelor of arts in women's studies, spanish, and art from washington university in saint louis and was a roy h. park fellow  in visual journalism at the university of north carolina, chapel hill, where i received my MA in 2017.  you can find my work in Univision Digital News, TIME Magazine, Blue Chalk Media, The Jerusalem Report,  the Cambodia Daily, AsiaLIFE Cambodia, the Southeast Asia Globe, and the Atlas of Cambodia, and it has been exhibited at FotoIstanbul and the Goethe Institut in Phnom Penh. 

i am currently available for assignments worldwide. please contact me for details, with questions, or to say hi!



awards and recognition




  • Emmy Nomination: Outstanding Feature Video, Spanish Language ("Orlando Gets Its Pulse Back")

  • National Press Photographers Foundation: Kit King Scholarship

  • College Photographer of the Year: Bronze in Documentary Category ("Maddie")

  • North Carolina Press Photographers Association: First Place, Portrait

  • Anderson Ranch Advanced Mentorship Program with Ed Kashi and Jim Estrin: 2017-2020


  • James Alan Cox Foundation: Graduate Student Scholarship

  • Rich Beckman Award in Documentary Multimedia Storytelling: Recipient ("Zika in Puerto Rico")

  • Photoshelter Northern Short Course Emerging Photographer Grant

  • North Carolina Press Photographers Association: First Place, Sports Feature Story

  • College Photographer of the Year: Bronze in Group Multimedia Storytelling